Welcome to the Home Page for GameTime.

This is a little application for timing games.

It functions as a countdown timer, or as a stopwatch.


Once you have loaded the program, you will see an opening screen that explains how to use GameTime, and its limitations.

To operate the timer, you just need to click anywhere on the black window, or hit the spacebar.

If you have a remote control for your PC, consult the documentation, to determine if it can send a space bar press. This will allow you to use a remote to start/stop/reset.



    Just click on the Confiiguration Icon at the top right of the screen to change the settings...


Countdown: In Countdown mode the program will start from the countdown time, shown as hh:mm:ss where hh = hours, mm = minutes and ss = seconds.

You must use leading zeros, so1 minute is entered as 01 etc.

You can change the buzzer sound to any .wav file that you have on your computer by tyring the location of the file or using the browse button. Use the test button to try out your new sound.


Stopwatch: In stopwatch mode, the elapsed time is shown in hh:mm:ss plus milliseconds. It is accurate to within about 20ms depending on the speed of your PC and what else it may be doing when you press the spacebar!