Manningham Churches in Partnership


(Annual Report)

On the 23rd May, 1999 St Gregory the Great Parish joined in partnership with the Pilgrim Uniting Church Parish (Westfield Drive Doncaster) in a commitment to make visible in our community, the unity of Christ's people.

Both Parishes did:

  1. "bind ourselves to God and to one another in the mission of Christ in this community;
  2. accept our duty to share the riches of the gospel with others and to seek the unity of all Christian people and the whole of the human family;
  3. commit ourselves to serve one another in both words and deeds;
  4. seek ways to strengthen our witness, our service and our common worship;
  5. search for fresh ways to express our unity so as to grow more united; and
  6. pray for each other, so that we may grow in the grace of Christ."
We would welcome any suggestions or proposals from the community as to how we might better give effect to our commitment to join with the Pilgrim Uniting Church Parish in making visible the unity of Christ's people.

Covenant Document