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The following records have been extracted from the Cliffe/Vigors Family Papers 1096 held at the National Archives pages 5 – 9.

Marriage Licences 

14 Jan. 1764
Jane Slater, Paulbeg, Carnew Parish, Diocese of Ferns and Ralph Lawrenson, Munry, Carlow.

29 May 1765
Alice Hopkins, Mullinacuffee Parish, Diocese of Leighlin and Robert Dowse.

30 Jan. 1767
Martha Seale, Comer Parish, Diocese of Ossory and Robert Carpenter, Kilkenny City.

17 Aug. 1771
Elizabeth Pothet, Carrigrohane Parish, Diocese of Cork and Ross and David Conner, Parish of St. Paul, Cork.

17 Feb. 1792
Lydia Bennels, Carrigrohane Parish, Diocese of Cork and Ross and George Roberts.

30 Aug. 1783
Elizabeth Percival, New Ross and William Leigh, Norwich.

12 Nov. 1785
Mary Cavanagh, St. Mary’s Parish, New Ross and Robert Carpenter, New Ross.

17 July 1786
Alithea Whitney, St. Mary’s Parish, New Ross and Nicholas Whitney, Old Ross.

11 Jan. 1788
Elizabeth Harman, Parish of Old Ross and Richard Green, Colaght, Parish of Killaguy, Diocese of Ferns.

10 Sept. 1791
Dorothea Kehoe, New Ross and Michael O’Byrne.

15 Aug. 1792
Alice Whitney, Mullytucker Parish, New Ross and Richard Richards, Coolstiff.

15 June 1795
Sarah Free, Piltown, Whitechurch Parish, Diocese of Ferns and Leighlin and John Gabriel Migautt, Duke St., Liverpool.

16 Dec. 1795
Frances Deane, New Ross, Diocese of Ferns and Anthony Cliffe, New Ross.

12 Feb. 1799
Anne Caroline Tottenham, St. Peters’s Parish, Dublin City and John La Touche, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin City.

Marriage Licences 1792 – 1813

15 Feb. 1792
Henrietta Obins and the Rev. Joseph Miller, Greenmount, Co. Wexford, Parish Dunlickny.

17 Feb. 1798
Martha Wilson, Killedmond and Thomas Little, Raheendaragh, Parish of Kiltennel.

7 Jan. 1800
Mary Stiles, Old Leighlin and John Wynn, Leighlinbridge, Parish of Leighlin.

25 Feb. 1800
Anne Weld and the Rev. Samuel Downing, Dunleckny, Co. Carlow, Parish of Leighlin.

12 Feb. 1801
Hanna Payne and John Hardy, Leighlin Bridge, Parish of Old Leighlin.

27 July 1801
Mary Shirley and John Waters, Clogrennan, Co Carlow, Parish of Old Leighlin.

28 Nov. 1801
Elizabeth Byrne and James McKowen, Carlow, Parish of Old Leighlin.

30 May 1803
Anne Shurley and George Willoughby, Cooan, Co. Kilkenny, Parish of Old Leighlin.

30 June 1804
Mary Bergan and Edward Kelly, Bawnreigh, Co. Kilkenny, Parish of Old Leighlin.

16 Feb. 1805
Elizabeth Shirley and Francis Edwards, Killedmond, Co. Carlow, Parish of Old Leighlin.

7 Aug. 1805
Elinor Marshall and Thomas Carpenter, Holdingstown, Co. Wicklow, Parish of Tullowcrine.

28 Aug. 1805
Ann Agar and William Condell, Augharoe, Co. Carlow, Parish of Tullowcrine

20 Jan. 1806
Mary Agar and Robert Condell, Augharoe, Co. Carlow, Parish of Fennagh.

16 May 1806
Abigail Agar and Thomas Ashmore, Nurney, Co. Carlow, Parish of Wells.

16 Dec. 1806
Elizabeth Kidd and William Sherly, Knockstranna, Co. Carlow, Parish of Old Leighlin.

Banns for Mary Agar and William Jackson, Barregh, Parish of Tulleclan.

Banns for Abigail Dobs and Edward Johnston, Tullacreen, Parish of Dunleckny.

Banns for Sarah Marshall and Michael Griffith, Mothill, Parish of Tullecreen.

27 May 1807
Elinor Shirley and Richard Tonstead, Knockabranagh, Co. Carlow, Parish of Old Leighlin.

5 Feb. 1810
Judith Williams and Andrew Marshall, Augharoe, Co. Carlow, Parish of Old Leighlin.

28 June 1813
Jane James and Robert English, Knocknabrannagh, Co. Carlow, Parish of Old Leighlin.

The following records were posted by Cara from over the border in Wicklow.
Co Carlow Marriage Licence Grant's and Settlements.

Mary Baker spinster Co Carlow Parish of Rathvilly
Marriage to John Ubank

Sarah Best Spinster Co Carlow Parish of Carlow
Marriage to Amyas Hewetson

Richard Brugh Occupation Gentleman Co Carlow Parish of Kill
Marriage to Ellin Ryan

Thomas Bunbury of County Carlow Parish Dunleckny
Granted in Waterford & Lismore Diocese
Marriage to Mary Green

Abigail Dobs and Edward Johnston
Co Carlow Parish of Dunleckny 
Address Tullacreen

Marriage licence bond 1844
Maria Dobson of Carlow 
Marriage to Richard Manders 
Proved in the Ossary Diocese.

Marriage licence bond
Ann Hope Spinster of Co Carlow 1820
Marriage to William Dowse
Where proved Leighlin Diocese

Marriage Licence 16th Dec 1806
Elizabeth Kidd of Co Carlow Parish of Old Leighlin
Marriage to William Sherly (*Shirley)

Marriage Licence Bond 1837
Mary Manders of Co Carlow Parish Dunleckny
Marriage to James Baldwin
Proved at Ossoray Diocese

Marriage Settlement 20/12/1735
Elizabeth Naylor of Co Carlow/ Parish of Old Leighlin
Marriage to Thomas Vigors.

Marriage Settlement ~draft
Joanna Perkins Of County Carlow Address:Ballintrain
Marriage to Thomas Whelan
affecting affecting lands of Ratharagat, County Kildare and Loughtriny, County Dublin.

Marriage Licence Bond
Abigail Power Co Carlow 
Marriage to John Mander
Where proved or granted Ossory Diocese.

Marriage Licence Grant 1749
Ellin Ryan ( sic) Widow of Co Carlow Address Harrelstown
She must have applied for licence and he was not of her parish

Marriage Licence 27/5/1807
Elinor Shirley of Co Carlow Parish of Old Leighlin
Marriage to Richard Tonstead

Marriage Licence
Elizabeth Shirley of Co Carlow parish of Old Leighlin
Marriage to Francis Edwards

Marriage Licence 27 /7/1801
Mary Shirley of Co Carlow Parish of Old Leighlin Address Clogrennan
To ( another who has applied for licence he must have been from another parish)

Marriage Licence 7/1/1800
Mary Stiles of Co Carlow Address Old Leighlin
Marriage to John Wynn

Marriage Settlement 1768
Bridget Vigors Co Carlow address Lodge
Marriage to WilliamDawson
Affecting lands in Co. Westmeath.

Marriage Licence 25/2/1800
Anne Weld Of Co Carlow parish of Old Leighlin
Marriage to Samuel Downing

Marriage Licence 5/2/1810
Judith Williams Co Carlow Parish Old Leighlin
Marriage to Andrew Marshall

I have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible in transcribing the information from the newspapers however it is possible that errors may have occurred. Data should be verified against original copies and sources.



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