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The following details have been transcribed from the Journals titled, "Journal for the Memorials of the Dead"  which can be found at County Carlow Library, Tullow Street, Carlow, Co Carlow IRELAND.

Kellistown [formerly Cill Osnadha].

‘Here is a large ruined church dedicated to St. Patrick, and Said to have been built by him.  It formerly belonged to the Ancient family of Cummins, a name still surviving.  There are several of that name interred in the church, whose vaults are still remaing, though there is but one whose inscription is intelligible;
It is as follows’ :--


[From Seward, 1795.]

‘Dr. Ryan corrects the above thus [Ryan, 1888.]”

JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903, CARLOW, Page 146. 

     'It is in raised Roman capitals.  It runs along the margin of the stone. On the left side the words are completely obliterated, apparently by the feet of the people. Dr. Ryan then mentions the new church built about 1807, on the destruction of the Round Tower adjoining, “to make way for the belfry” !!
     ‘This parish is now united to Staplestown Parish (1902).’


     'About the centre of the churchyard there is a very large tombstone, measuring about ten feet in length, supported by pillars.  These again rest on rough granite slabs laid across the burial-plot.  The whole making up one of the most inartistic memorials I have ever seen. The following is the only inscription’ :--

       “Here lieth the body of Mrs. ANNE COUGHLAN alias I SCOTT late of Rath [sic] I Rathrush] ? Co Carlow Departed this life I March 11th 1792 Aged 34 years. Requicat in pace.”


     "In the south-west corner two headstones are erected to the memory of a family named RICKABY, who were for a long time associated with this church as clerk, sexton, &c. One old lady is now the only survivor, and still enjoys the Government grant, £6, for performing the duties of sextoness. Judging by the Christian names, this family must have had a sincere love for everything Biblical’ :--

     “Erected to the memory of I ABIGAIL RICKABY who died I August 6th 1827 I Also ELIZABETH RICKABY I who died May 5th 1844 .”


(Headstone No.2)

     “Sacred I to the memory I of I ROBERT RICKABY I who departed this life I on the 20th of January 1872 I Aged 85 years I This stone was erected by his son ELIAS RICKABY I as an affectionate remembrance of the best of fathers.” I


     We have lately had the neglected state of this churchyard brought specially under our notice both by private letters and newspaper reports. It is described as “scandalous” from its state of dirt, neglect, and the constant trespass of animals in it, including a pig, a goat, a donkey, & c.

     It is full time such a state of things should be put a stop to; and we trust we shall be able to give an improved account of it in our next JOURNAL.

JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903 , CARLOW, Page 147. 

Kellistown Parish Church and Burial-ground.

[From Miss Vize, 1891.]

      ‘This church stands boldly on an eminence. It is not large, its vestry or robbing-room being under the square tower or belfry.  It does not contain any stained memorial windows; in fact, the only windows are those on the south side of the edifice; there are not any on its western or northern side. There is only one monumental tablet erected, that on the north side of nave, to Rev. Fred. E. Trench, A.M., sometimes rector of the parish before Disendowment. The [blank in the MS.] louvers of the belfry are limestone, which is not commonly met with.

     ‘The burial-ground is being quietly grazed by two goats; a donkey, and occasionally a pig, is allowed to stretch its limbs in a wild chase.

     ‘At the south-east end there are the outer walls, with foundations of others, of an ancient priory. Its arch, which evidently was the arch to the chancel, is very beautiful; its walls beyond are crumbling fast, and within them contain the graves of Mrs. Trench (whether that also of Rev. F. E. Trench, aforesaid, I am not able to say) on its north side. Those of two priests and others on the south side—all I should describe in chancel side or division. Then there are more graves in its nave; on its south wall is a holy water stoup, and lying on the ground is the remaining portion of a magnificent baptismal font, granite, carved, about three-quarters of it to be seen; the other portion I searched for, but could not find. There are also two finely cut granite capstones, with holes also filling in a gap in the wall; these are their cut-stone bases, they likewise having holes right up through centre, or it may be they were the stands for the font.

     ‘The tiny pillars, built into the wall supporting the chancel arch, are in good preservation. It would be a regrettable circumstance if measures were not taken to preserve this interesting fabric, and possibly, were the Board of Works instructed, a means might be arrived at to that end.

     ‘From its grounds a magnificent view can be had of the surrounding country and mountains around.  

     'Kellistown Church is no longer alas I used for Divine Service, and apparently since the demise of its Rector, Rev.  Garret, has been more or less closed.

     ‘On a great number of the monumental stones are various elaborate devices in high relief, which give rather a quaint look to each. The extraordinary longevity of two individuals interred is remarkable—that of Owen Cummins, aged 108, and of Walter Cummins, presumably son to Owen, aged 100.

*This Parish is now joined with Staplestown.

JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903 , CARLOW, Page 148.    

‘On the north side of the nave’:

“Sacred to the Memory of
The Faithful And Beloved Rector of this Parish
For Upwards of Half a Century
And Prebendary of Donoughmore In the Co. of Wicklow
He Died on The 10th of January 1848
In the 79th Year of His age.
In his Character Meekness and Humility
Sincerity And Uprightness Eminently marked 
The Christian And the Gentleman.
As He Lived Respected and Died Regretted By
Those amongst Whom He Constantly Resided and
By Whom His Memory Will Long Be Cherished In
The Recollection of His many Acts of Kindness
‘Blessed are The Pure In Heart For They Shall See God.’
This Tablet Was erected 
By His affectionate Widow CATHERINE TRENCH.”


‘To the north-east side in chancel of the ancient Priory, at the arch is a tablet, mounted on cut stone granite base: it bears the following inscription’:
“Sacred to the Memory of CHATHRN TRENCH relict of the Revd FREDK EYRE TRENCH died 4th Feby 1859 aged 84 years. Also to WM EYRE TRENCH Esqr their Son died May 18th 1861 aged 60 years, then – ‘In death they
were not divided’ – ‘The Voice said, Cry and he said, What shall I cry? All flesh is grass and the goodliness thereof is as the flowers of the field. The grass withereth, the flower fadeth, but the Word of our God shall stand for Ever.” Isaiah ch. 40, 6 and 8 verse.
Erected by JOHN EYRE TRENCH Esqr of Clonfert House, Co. Galway .”


[‘There is an iron railing around above-mentioned grave.’ “Here lieth the Body of Mr JOHN THORPE Late of Grangeford Who depd this life October the 10th 1817 aged 64 Years. This Tomb is erected by his affectionate Wife As a small tribute of gratitude to the memory of the Best of husbands.”


“In memory of CHARLES CRONE Eldest Son of HUGH MASSEY Esq of The Lodge Tullow  He was born Octbr 9th 1837 and died May 17th 1855 aged 17 Remember now thy Creator in the days of thy youth.”

JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903 , CARLOW, Page 149.    

“Just Known And Lost – This is the resting place of ALICE COURTNEY the beloved child of JAMES and MATILDA SMITH Who died 3rd of April 1857 aged 9 months Suffer little children to come unto me and forbid them not for of such is the Kingdom of God    Also of JAMES SMITH, Little Moyle Who died 30th September 1892 aged 84 years So he giveth His beloved sleep.”


“Sacred  to the Memory of Mr WILLIAM O’KELL, late of Kilcool Who departed this life March 29th 1855 aged 44 Years also Miss MARTHA O’KELL who died June 11th 1860 aged 50 years.”


“In memory of WILLIAM WHITE of Moyle who depd this Life the 25th day of Jany 1840 aged 80 years.”


“Sacred to the memory of JAMES O’NEILL, late of Rathrush who depd this life April 18th 1841 aged 46 years


“Here Lyeth ye Body of ANDREW FOLY who dyed ye 29th March 1747 aged 27 years.”  


I. H. S.
“Gloria In Excelsis Deo”
“Here Lieth the Body of OWEN DORAN  He depd this life May the 15th 1777 aged 81 yrs also his Father And Mother.”

JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903 , CARLOW, Page 150.    

Kellistown [formerly Cill Osnadha].  

“Here Lyes the body of THOS ROSSTRICK deceasd May ye 6th 1738 aged 56  Serv; Serf; in briazacur clayons Reigm 30 years.”


I. H. S.
“Here Lieth the Body of MICHAEL DOYLE late of Fenaugh who departed this life October ye 14th 1792 aged 49 years also two of his children JAMES and MARGARET 
Requiescant in Pace Amen.”


“Gloria In Excelsis Deo”
“Erected by MARGARET NEIL of Moyle in memory of her husband JAMES NEIL who depd this life 18th Novebr 1860 aged 86 years  Requiescant in Pace.”

JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903 , CARLOW, Page 150.    


“Gloria In Excelsis Deo
“Erected by ANNE HOLOGAN in Memory of her husband MATT HOLOGAN Late of Rathrush Who depd this life
August the 25th 1813 aged 39 years.”


I H S 
“Here lyeth the Re (
— —) (— —) of SARAH (


‘The next five monuments are in the Nave of the old Priory’:

“This stone Erected by EDWARD NOWLAN (
— —) Memory of his Wife BRIDGET NOWLAN who Departed this life 16th of April 1700 aged 52 years also two of their children
Lord have mercy on their souls   Amen.”


“This stone erected by EDWARD and JAMES NOWLAN of Shrule near Carlow in memory of their Father and Mother also CATHERINE the Beloved and Affectionate wife of JAMES NOWLAN who departed this life the First of March 1785 aged 30 years  She was Sanctified with Every virtue and after a tedious illness was called to receive her reward in a better world  Amen.”


“Here lieth the body of THOMAS HANLON who departed this life September the 6th 1786 aged 24 years.


“Here lies the Remains of JOHN HANLON of Laughe and his Wife ALICE HANLON alias KEHOE, the latter Departed this life February 24th 1789 aged 70 years. May they rest in Peace  Amen.”


“This stone was Erected by Mrs. ANNE KINSELLA of Upper Church Street in the City of Dublin    Baker to the memory of her Beloved Husband PATRICK KINSELLA and their child who Departed this life the 27 of Novr 1820 aged 36 years.”

JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903 , CARLOW, Page 151.

                  I H S (in relief)

(Chalice in relief.)

“Here Lyeth ye Body of ye Revd MR JAS BRET Rectr of Ballin & Ratoe who departd This Life the 19th of Jary 1764 Agd 41 May he Rest in peace Amen also the Body of the Rd J. KELLY DD. PP of Rathoe and Ballon departed this life 5th March 1799 aged 43 years
Requiescat in pace Amen.”

‘In Chancel of Priory, S.E.E. corner; Horizontal stone; Inscription on same from east to west.’


Gloria in Excelsis Deo.

I H S 

“Erected by DENNIS MURPHY of Kellistown in memory of his father THOMAS MURPHY who depd this life the 12 August 1829 aged 66 years also his Brother GERALD MURPHY who depd this life the 5th of January 1841 aged 40yrs also the above named DENIS MURPHY who depd this life the 19th January 1871 aged 74 years and also his Brother Revd THOMAS MURPHY Who depd this life at Wilmington N. Carolina U.S. America 17th August 1863 aged 60 years  Requiescant in pace.”
‘In Chancel of Priory S.E.S. corner; Horizonta; stone; Inscription in same from west to east.’


“Erected by CONSTANTINE NOLAN in memory of his Father JAMES NOLAN of Carlow formerly Moyle who departed this life the year 1800 aged 53 years Also his Daughter ANNE KELLY alias NOLAN who departed this life the 17th September 1849 aged 28 years Also CONSTANTINE & WINEFRIDE NOLAN his children both of whom died young Here also lieth the remains of his Sister MARY O’SHEA who died July 24 1872 and of his daughter BRIDGET MAGUIRE who died 19 Nov 1874 .”


“Beneath this Tomb are Deposited the Remains of Mrs ELEANOR CALLAGHAN of Tullow who depd this life 20th day of April 1778 aged 61 years Her Husband WILLIAM CALLAGHAN depd this life 26th June 1787 aged 86 years. Mrs. ELIZABETH NOWLAN their daughter who depd this

JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903 , CARLOW, Page 152.    

life 15th May 1779 aged 33 years and WILLIAM CALLAGHAN Son to the above named of Tullow who depd this life the 20th Novr 1810 aged 84 years.


“MICHL ROOKE Erected this stone for his wife & for ( … … … ) (... aged 31 years 1760.”


“Here Lieth the Body of TIMOTHY ROURKE Decd May ye 7th 1788 aged 37 years – Req in pace Amen.”


“Here lieth the Body of WALTER ROACH Depd Sep the 2nd 1787 agd 91 years Lord have mercy on his Soul and his grandson WALTER ROACH also his Wife MARY ROACH Depd  June 26th 1798 aged 84 years.”


“This Stone was Erected by JAMES ROCHE of Ratheraugh in memory of his Wife MARY ROCHE who departed this life on the 21st day of April 1795 aged 38 years Lord have mercy on her Soul.”


This stone is Erected in Memory of DENNIS HEYDON and his Wife WINEFRED HEYDON alias COGHLAN Their children & grand children DENNIS HEYDON Departed April 1800 aged 90 years WINEFRED HEYDON alias COGHLAN Departed March 1786 aged 67 HENRY HEYDON Junr Departed February 1809 aged 22 years May they rest in peace Amen.”


“Memento Mori. Underneath this Tomb Lieth the Body of  OWEN COUGHLAN of Rathoe who Departed This life the 3d of December 1794 aged 96 yrs and also his Wife MARGARET COUGHLAN who Departed this life the 18th of April 1799 aged 82 years. Also the Body of ROSE WHELAN alias COUGLAN who Departed this life the 14th of September 1793 aged 28 years.  Here also lieth the Body of the late Mr EDWARD COUGHLAN of Rathoe who departed this life the 30th of April 1804 aged 40 years 
The Lord have mercy on their Souls Amen.”


“Memento Mori. This stone was erected by ANDREW KINSELA in memory of his Wife MARY KINSELA Who departed this life 11th Decr 1797 aged 37 years.”


“Memento Mori. Here lieth the Body of GARRET KINSELLA who departed this life Novr 13th 1801 aged 88 years May the Lord have mercy on his Soul.”

JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903 , CARLOW, Page 153.    

“Underneath this tomb lieth the Remains of TIMOTHY KINSELLA of Ballinunry in this County Who Departed this life the 19th day of Decembr 1800 aged 66 years Also his Wife MARGARET KINSELLA otherwise COUGHLIN who Departed this life the 19 day of January 1801 aged 63 years also their Son JOHN KINSELLA who departed this life on the 4th day of May 1817 aged 43.”


“Ecce Agnus Dei. Erected by ANDREW KINSELLA of Johnstown in Memory of his Father THOMAS KINSELLA who depd this life 28th May 1860 aged 75 years also his brother PATRICK KINSELLA who died 13th April 1849 aged 17 years And the above ANDREW KINSELLA who depd this life 13th Jany 1861 aged 35 years.”


[From Mr. C. J. Hobson, New York .]

‘On a hill near the centre of Castletown Demeane in this Parish stands a granite pillar, about twenty feet high and about two and a half in breadth, having a brass plate attached, upon which the following inscription is engraved’:--


JPMD, Vol V, 1901 - 1903 , CARLOW, Page 154.


For the original formatting:- refer to the published volumes of the "Journal for the Memorials of the Dead".  


'Of Kellystown, Seward writes thus':―"Here is a large ruined church dedicated to St. Patrick, and said to have been built by him.  It belonged to the ancient family of CUMMINS, a name still surviving and numerous in this part of the country.  There are several of that name interred in the church whose vaults are still remaining, though there is but one whose inscription is intelligible; it is as follows":―


"The ruined church does not seem to have been large: people bearing the name of Cummins are not now numerous, and there but few inscriptions of this family.  The Latin epitaph is not correctly given.  The words so far legible run thus":


"This inscription is in raised Roman capitals, and runs along the margin of the stone, in the way usual in the early part of the seventeenth century.  On the left side the words are completely obliterated; apparently by the feet of people standing on the stone.  The tomb is for the most part worn quite smooth.  An arch of the old church, in perfect preservation, still remains.  A new church was erected, adjacent to the former one, about the year 1807; when we regret to say, that one of those singular structures, the round towers, was pulled down to make way for the belfry.  This act of inexcusable barbarism, much, and justly, annoy Mr. Doyne, the proprietor of the estate.  In the churchyard is a tomb of a Cummins, aged 108, who died 1795.  Kellystown lies about five miles east of Carlow.  The ground being here elevated, a considerable prospect is obtained of the surrounding country."

'Mr Brewer tells us that, "the more ancient name of this place Cill-mna-ur-iosal-na-moen,―'the church of the poor mourning Munster women'; an allusion to a sanguinary battle fought here, in or about the year 478, in which the Munster warriors were defeated and slaughtered by those of Leinster."'

Does this refer to the famous Battle of Ballymoon, which place is five miles south of Kellistown?―[ED.]

'Rev. Frederick E. TRENCH, 1796.'
'Rev. James P. GARRETT, rector, 1856.'

About the year 1818, a gift of £600 and a loan of £100 was made for Kellistown Church; the church was finished in 1810.; it is said to have cost £1,205, and to have 33 acres of glebe.―(Shee).
The Parish Registers dated from 1803, two vols, to 1880.
Lewis describes how the fine round tower that once stood by this church was, regardless of all care for such antiquities, "pulled down to make room for the belfry of the church."  This was in 1807.

JPMD, Volume III, CARLOW, Pages 212 - 213.


I have endeavoured to be as accurate as possible in transcribing the information from the various sources however it is possible that errors may have occurred. Data should be verified against original copies and sources.



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