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The following information has been taken from "History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow", by John Ryan published in 1833.

BLACKNEY.   Mr. Blackney, one of the present members of parliament for the county, is of a Roman Catholic family which has been resident in this county for a considerable period.  See p. 250.

John Ryan's "History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow" - page 359.

BROWNE.   Of this family, Brewer writers as follows : "The line of the Browne family settled at this place (Browne's-hill), derives from the house of Rokewood Hall, Abbess Roding, and Weald Hall, in Essex.   In the year 1650, Robert, second son of John Browne, of Wickham and Abbess Roding, Esq., passed into Ireland, and his descendant, the late Robert Browne, Esq., purchased the estates in this county, now in the possession of the present proprietor."

William Browne, of Browne's-hill, Esq., married Charlotte, daughter of Joseph, earl of Mayo, in 1794.  Lady Charlotte Browne died in 1806.

Mr Browne married, secondly, Letitia, daughter of John, earl of Norbury, on the 8th March, 1813.

John Ryan's "History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow" - page 359.

BUNBURY.   The original surname of this family, according to numerous and authentic records, was St. Pierre ; one of which name accompanied William the Conqueror to England.  The name of St. Pierre became, however, extinct in the beginning of the 15th century, and the designation of Bunbury, having been previously adopted by the descendant of the first St. Pierre, has ever since been retained.*  The family of Bunbury has been settled in the county of Carlow for about a century and a half.

* Burke.
John Ryan's "History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow" - page 359 & 360.

BURTON.   Sir CHARLES BURTON, Baronet, of Pollerton, in the county of Carlow ; married in 1807, Susannah, daughter of Joshua Paul Meredith, Esq. ; succeeded to the title as third Baronet, upon the demise of his father, in 1812.

LINEAGE.---This family claims a common ancestor with the noble house of Conyngham ; namely, Sir Edward Burton, of the county of York, who was created a knight Banneret, by King Edward IV., after the battle of St. Albans, in 1460.  From this gallant soldier lineally descended the brothers, 

FRANCIS and THOMAS BURTON, who settled in Ireland in 1610.  The former dying without issue, the latter became the head of the Irish branch of the family, and was succeeded by an only son,
SAMUEL, whose third son,
Benjamin Burton, Esq. becoming an eminent banker in Dublin, attained the highest corporate honours of that city, (the aldermanic gown and mayoralty in 1707), and represented it in parliament from 1703 to 1723 ; he married Grace, daughter of Robert Stratford, Esq., of Belan, in the county of Kildare, and had six sons, with as many daughters.  The fifth son, 
1.  CHARLES BURTON, Esq., like his father, obtained the honours of the corporation of Dublin, and a seat in parliament through the same civic body.  Mr. Alderman Burton was knighted by the viceroy, lord Harrington, and was created a baronet of Ireland, 5th September, 1758.  He married Margaret, eldest daughter, of Richard Meredyth, Esq., of Shrowland, in the county of Kildare, by whom he had one son and five daughters.  Sir Charles died in 1775, and was succeeded by his only son,
2.   Sir CHARLES of Pollertonk in the county of Carlow.  This gentleman married Catherine, third daughter of John (Cuffe), second lord Desart, by whom he had a son, Charles, as above.  Sir Charles died, in 1812.**

** Burke's Baronetage.
John Ryan's "History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow" - page 360 & 361.

DOYNE.   In the reign of Queen Anne, ------ Doyne, Esq., became possessed of the townland of Tullow, with rights and privileges in regard to fairs and markets, under the last Duke of Ormonde.  Welles, in the county of Wexford, is the chief estate of this family;  but the present possessor, Robert Doyne, Esq., resides at his cottage near Tullow, in our county.

John Ryan's "History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow" - page 362.

HILL.  The ancestor of this family came from England as an office in the army of William lll.  Edward Hill Esq., married Catherine, daughter of Henry Colclough of Kildavin, Esq., and cousin-german of the late Beauchamp Bagnel, Esq.  Issue: 1. John, married Bridget, daughter of Nathaniel Evans of Ballywilliamroe, Esq. 2. Dudley, married  ---  Issue:  Dudley St. Leger, now Colonel Sir Dudley Stl. Leger Hill, KCB.  Edward Eustace, married Georgiana Charlotte, daughter of William, Earl of ALbermarle, on 31st March, 1827.

John Ryan's "History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow" - page 365.

STEUART.  The first member of this family who settled in the county was styled, we understand, the Honourable Colonel John Steuart.  The title of Honourable was then applied to all persons of civil or military rank.  He purchased land at Leighlin-bridge.  His son was William, who married --- ---, daughter of Sir Richard Butler, Bart., by whom be had issue John, (died 1819), who married --- --- daughter of John Whelan, Esq.  Issue, 1, William Richard, married --- --- daughter of --- --- Duckett, Esq. 2, a daughter married Rev. William Hickey of Wexford.

John Ryan's "History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow" - page 375.

VIGORS. --- Doctor Vigors, bishop of Leighlin and Ferns, is ancestor of this family.

WATSON. --- This family has been long settled in the county.

WHELAN. --- The family of Whelan is of old standing in our county.

There are other respectable families resident in the county, but having lately settled in it, they do not class under the denomination stated at the head of this chapter.  Of the late settlers, are the families of Bruen, Duckett, Faulkner, Newton &c. &c.

All the families mention in this chapter are Protestant, with the single exception of the family of Blackney.

The Earls of Courtown, Aldborough Kenmare, and Bessborough, Lords Frankfort, Beresford, Downes and Cloncurry, the Hon. Hugh Howard, &c. possess property in the county, but are non-resident.

John Ryan's "History and Antiquities of the County of Carlow" - page 375.

I have tried to reproduce the information in the exact form in which it appeared in the book.  I have endeavoured to be accurate, however it is possible that errors may have occurred in transcription. Data should be verified against original sources.  A copy of this book can be found in the Carlow Library, County Carlow and at the LDS Library Film # 1441050.

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