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Welcome to Koala Coaching

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to
use the services of Koala Coaching at New Lambton.

I believe we have the best coaching centre in
Newcastle (you knew I’d say that).

Koala Coaching offers a range of tuition programs
to meet the needs of your children.

•Reading Years K to 6.

•English Years 3 to 6.

•Mathematics Years 3 to 6.

•Opportunity Class (OC) Program
  Years 3 to 4.

•Selective Schools Program
  Years 5 to 6.
•English Years 7/8, 9 and 10.

Why Koala Coaching?

We have provided ten years service to the Hunter covering English, Maths and Science.

Many of our students have become top performers
in primary and secondary.

Experienced talented and caring teachers.

Disciplined and positive learning environment.

Free starter kit.

Student Progress

Parents, I encourage you take time to praise your child for their academic efforts for this year.

Review their school results with them and set some clear and measurable goals.

Praise your child also for their ‘willingness’ to undertake the extra work required for success, including the additional work which weekly tuition requires.

The role of Koala Coaching is to provide review and reinforcement of the content and topics being taught in school.

Statistically an hour session each week uses up only 5 % of a students leisure-time.

For many of the students the improved results lead to greater confidence. By really understanding the subject matter it makes the hard work all worthwhile and they are happy to come to tuition.

This why tuition is so successful for it helps students achieve real and measurable progress, in English, Literacy, Reading, Writing and Mathematics.

Your support of their schooling and the additional work undertaken at tuition is a key factor in both their short and long term success.