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Who gets tutored ?
Generally the enrolled students can be broken into three main types :


Students who are coming top, or near top, of their class and need to be
challenged by extension work to keep them there.


Students who with additional help can develop greater understand with
the content and their results can really ‘take-off’.
How high can they fly ?


This group of students have to work very hard to learn the content and concepts being taught.
Often they forget, all or parts of the key areas being taught.

During the Term progress takes time as key concepts are really learnt.

For students in each of the above groups successful understanding of the content at their level is our primary aim with tuition.

Success especially so for "Strugglers", for often they subconsciously program themselves as "FAILURES" in school and in life.

With improved results in school assessments, their shoulders are elevated, smiles replace frowns & transformations occur to “I can do It !”