Web sites that I have created and also administer.
 These are samples of my actual sites and ideas for sites that I've been working on.

  These links are to web sites that I have designed, developed and published.

Koala Coaching   site --- as of 2009 that was at http://koalacoaching.com.au

Newcastle Limousines   site -- as of 2011 that was at the address -- http://www.newcastlelimo.com.au//

Pokolbin Hire Cars   site --- as of 2011 that was at http://pokolbinhirecars.com.au/

RePower Mining site --- as of 2009 that was at --- http://repowermining.com.au/

U3A Digital Photography Blog -- This is where I store the whiteboard notes from my U3A course.

Digital Photography   -- This is actually another page on this site

Fred Herbert's Paintings on Flickr   -- an artist who wanted a low cost way of showing his work.
        all photography and site construction is by me.

The following are to "Mock-Ups" of web sites and experiments that I am trying out.

Felk Trailers Sample showing possible navigation

Koala Coaching  A place holder while the actual site was being buit

Remin Rough draft exploring a a non standard layout

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