About RMI Pressure Systems



Global leader in High Pressure Pumps and Pumping Systems

Over 100 years of creating value in High Pressure Pump design and manufacture at our research and manufacturing facilities in the UK where we combine invaluable engineering experience with the latest design technologies.

At RMI we are proud of our century old tradition of Engineering Excellence, Product Quality and Innovative Solutions. We have been global leaders in both Industrial High Pressure Pumps and High Pressure Mining Systems since the launch of our highly successful Trimax range over 50 years ago.

Our reputation and market leading position are built on serving customer needs. We work closely with our customers to fully understand their requirements and provide solutions which create real value through quality, reliability, safety and productivity.

We believe in working close to our markets to improve our understanding of local needs and to provide our customers with rapid response support. With Manufacturing and field support operations in the United Kingdom, the USA, China and Australia we are well place to provide immediate on the spot support.

Company History

RMI have been manufacturing high pressure pumps for mining and industrial markets for over one hundred years.

RMI was an early innovator in the design and manufacture of high pressure systems for long wall mining. The last three decades have seen a steady stream of new products from our UK engineering research centre designing products to support customer demands for increased productivity.

In 2004, RMI became a wholly owned subsidiary of the SA Armstrong Limited, a global leader in fluid flow innovation.


RMI, we are committed to delivering clear benefits to our customers:

Improved Energy Efficiency

RMI products and solutions are designed to provide maximum efficiency in servicing system needs. Our ACE Online software, combined with our Design Assist Methodology (energy considerations, cost analysis, weight calculations) ensures that our customers receive true value engineering.

Download RMI Customer Benefits brochure [PDF]

Ease of Installation
Our systems are also designed to achieve the lowest weight compatible with structural strength and integrity. A mine operator can relocate our systems with minimum cost and disruption as working faces are changed.

We offer several system mounting options to provide transport flexibility underground and on the surface. Caterpillar track and sled mounted are available as standard options, this allows our customers to select the best solution for their application.

Reducing installation time is a key component in delivering value to both contractors and owners. By working with customers to achieve efficient installation, particularly for replacement product, we can help realise significant cost savings in down time, which increases productivity.

Space Savings
We understand that available space, especially underground, can be restricted. The combination of experience and the latest three-dimensional modelling techniques enable our highly qualified engineering designers to work closely with the customer to design a high pressure system that delivers the performance requirement within the minimum "envelope".

Operator health and safety and elimination of time lost through accidents are of paramount importance. RMI equipment complies with underground and fire safety regulations in the EC, USA, Australia, China and all other major markets.

Environmental Responsibility - Noise Reduction
We view regulations and standards as the minimum acceptable for our customers and their employees and strive for continuous improvement to eliminate risk. We continue to develop designs that reduce decibel output to the lowest levels possible.

By using the highest quality component and materials, RMI pressure delivery systems are designed for continuous operation in hostile environments. Our demanding specifications will resist attack from heat, water, acidity and dirt prolonging product lifecycles and extending running time between routine maintenance.

RMI systems are designed to support and enhance productivity through quality design and minimum maintenance down time.