About Digital Photography

These are just some, of my photography resources and collections

U3A Digital Photography Blog

This is a BLOG .. that is, the latest entry will always be on top and the rest is in reverse chronological order, there is an index on the right hand side.
Here you find photos of the lecture notes from my U3A course as well as links to resources that I have mentioned.

Jim's Digital Photography Info Site

This is a static collection of information about digital photography , software for photo management and manipulation and other related information. I'm refining this site but it is seldom updated compaired to the blog.

Jim Bell Of Belmont on Flickr

A collection of my photos on the photo sharing web site "flickr".

My Pinterest Boards

Pinterest is a place to store links to photos on the internet

Picasa Web Photo Albums

Google provides this site and integrates it into Picasa but it can be used and accessed without having to actually use Picasa
Public Evernote Notebook for sharing Photo info.
What else should I add?
Let me know what links you would like to see.

Any suggestions for additional content please let me know. (Jim) Updated 2013-08-09