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The U3A photography blog and website as well as photograph samples.
Links to websites that I have created and manage, some sample sites.

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  • Private IT Consultant and retired primary school teacher
    from Lake Macquarie, Newcastle, NSW, Australia.

  • work with people in their own homes at their own pace,
    helping them to make the most of their computer usage.

  • offer technical support, in such areas as security, antivirus, photo management, movie editing, file organisation and emailing, as well as advice about where to obtain material and services that I cannot offer myself.
  • (If I can't fix it I'll tell you who can.)

  • have written and currently maintain several web sites.
  • (see my samples page)

  • can give you advice about new technology that may make your life more interseting and enjoyable and show you how to install and use that technology. (cameras, Digital TV etc.)

Other web sites and links that may be of interest--