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January was a hot month and the drought in Oz continues . . . 97% of NSW is in drought, and our dam is < 12% capacity (lowest ever). Which makes the temporary pool to cool off in a real luxury - it'll probably be banned soon too. Zac likes splashing around by himself but is a bit of a sook with others splashing him.

Next month he'll start swimming lessons in the local pool. At one of Zac's friends 1 year old party he had his first swing and loved it:

We still take him out to dinner at nice restaurants:

but it seems a waste when he prefers eating the cutlery / crockery / glasses or a simple hot chip:

Here's Zac with Yuki and Briana when they stayed with us recently, touring the Hunter wineries (of course!)

Zac likes his jolly jumper and walker but he really wants to walk himself . . .

Zac's chores include picking home-grown fruit:

Like his Dad, Zac spends a lot of time thinking and sleeping:

He also likes driving - well steering anyway, the pedals are out of reach!Another 15 years and he can take the gear stick out of "P" :)

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