Reno's at Shamley Green

Dave got busy at the end of his 3 week break when Zac was born and decided to do some renovation work.

Before Renovation Room Shots

Here is what the living room looked like with the brick fireplace and chimney originally:

Stage 1 - Demolish brick fireplace and chimney

The first wall was easy as it was double skinned brick and Dave thought it would be all over in hours:

Unfortunately Dave discovered brick chimneys are built with multiple courses of brick - in this case three across the front and 4 on the sides and back! Plus the inner 2 courses used fireclay not regular mortar which made it more like concrete and was much harder to knock down. It was a lot more laborious due to having to chisel out bricks and knock one at a time out instead of whole sections.

I had severely under-estimated the number of bricks due to the extra courses, and went through 12 cubic metres of skip bins! (Instead of 3 or 4 originally estimated :)

the beautiful site of blue sky where the top part of the chimney once was. Until it started raining that night anyway . . .

4 days later we arrived here - the final wall:

Click here for Stage 2 - Remove high slab behind fireplace

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