Swamps are so much nicer in the winter time .. no mosquitoes, and getting around is much easier

The trail had not been cleared for the entire winter, though luckilly the road into the area had been cleared. So we unpacked the car and then headed down this track with 30 to 40cm of soft fluffy powder snow.

We emerged from the forest at the edge of the wetland. With the low sun (its normal for winter here even at 10:00am) and snow like soft sand billowing around piling it was just beautiful.

we towed our sleds to the first hut along the path, where we happily boiled some water for our lunch and some hot red raspberry juice to drink and warm up. There is nicely provided sheds with some wood, as well as a place to put some garbage (and thus not encourage scrounging animals like bears).

Back out on the 'wetland' its reasonably easy going (though not for the person in front) with flat and even terrain. Some slight snow storm dusts us in tiny particles. With the temperature like this, and fresh snow, going is harder and it wears the wax (both kick and glide) off your skis fast.

When the clouds clear the views of the river from the bank are well worth any hassle. Definately don't get off your skiis here though as in the forest the snow depth can be deeper than you think.

There were some animal tracks down along the river edge, but we decided it was more hassle than it was worth to go down there and ski along.

The cabins are compact but warm. The floors are raised, with some thin foam padding. This keeps the sleeping area warmer! Don't count on the foam being there and bring your own mat!

with the stove going, its nice to warm you feet (and dry your felt liners too).

Even on the way home, things are beautiful enough (and the work is hard enough) that you don't mind getting back to "civilization".